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This document aims to detail the functionality of the Jifflenow Zoom App. The document is intended for those who need to understand how to Install/Uninstall the Jifflenow Zoom app.

About Jifflenow

Jifflenow helps Marketing and Sales automate the scheduling of in-person and virtual B2B meetings and sign-ups for sessions at events and campaigns.

About Jifflenow Zoom App

Jifflenow Integrates with a comprehensive list of leading sales and marketing software such as CRMs, Marketing Automation, Video Conferencing, Calendars, Virtual Event Software, Event Registration Systems, Badge Scanners, and Event Mobile Applications to enable easier data sharing and Meeting scheduling, management, and reporting.

With Native Zoom Integration,

  • Automatically generate Zoom conference details when scheduling meetings.
  • Eliminate the need to enter Zoom conferencing information manually.
  • Update meeting details in real time when Rescheduling or Canceling.

Functional and Usability Testing

Jifflenow Zoom app helps users automatically generate Zoom conference details when scheduling Meetings. This document explains how users can Install/Uninstall the Jifflenow Zoom app.


There are two ways a user can Install the Jifflenow Zoom app.

  1. Install within the Jifflenow Application
  2. Install from Zoom Marketplace

Install Within the Jifflenow application

Once a user signs into the Jifflenow web app, Installation can be done on the User Profile page. Below are the Installation steps from the User Profile page.

Steps to Install Zoom App in User Profile

  1. Login to Jifflenow.
  2. Click your User Profile on the bottom of the left vertical menu and click on your name. The system will open your User Profile.
  3. On your User Profile, navigate to the Integrations tab > click Connect on Zoom App.

    Note: Once you click on Connect, the system will take you to the Zoom login page.

  4. Log in to Zoom with your credentials.


      • Jifflenow asks for your consent to authorize the scopes and permissions on successful login.
      • Once you authorize, the Zoom App will direct you back to Jifflenow, where you can find the app is Installed.
      • Now you can find the Zoom App is Meeting Request page, through which you can create Zoom Meetings and associate them with Jifflenow.

Zoom Inst UP 2-filmage.gif


Install from Zoom Marketplace

  1. Open Zoom Marketplace.
  2. Search for Jifflenow in the Search a published App box. The system will filter and show the Jifflenow application.
  3. Click and open the Jifflenow application from the search result.
  4. Click Add, and the system will take you to the Jifflenow login page.
  5. Enter your Jifflenow Email ID and click Next.
  6. Search your Company Name in the drop-down menu on the next page and click Next.

    Note: Now, the system will open your Jifflenow profile.

  7. Scroll down and click Connect to ZoomConference.

    Note: Now, the system will navigate you to the access permission page.

  8. Allow Zoom to access your Jifflenow account.
  9. Click Save.

    Note: Once you click on Save, the Zoom App will be successfully Installed on your Jifflenow account.

Zoom from Marketplace-filmage (1).gif



You can disconnect the Zoom services anytime, either within Jifflenow or by visiting the Zoom Marketplace.

Uninstalling From Zoom Marketplace

  1. Open Zoom Marketplace and Log in.
  2. Click Manage and navigate to Added Apps on the left menu.

    Note: You can find that the Jifflenow is listed under Apps in Production.

  3. Click Remove against the Jifflenow App.

Remove Zoom from Marketplace-filmage.gif


Uninstalling From Jifflenow User Profile Page

Users can Uninstall the app from the User Profile page; on clicking Disconnect under Integrations, Jifflenow makes the revoke API call, which revokes the user token and also deletes all the user’s Zoom details like Zoom user_id, access_token, refresh_tokens. Doing this will remove the Jifflenow app from Installed apps in Zoom Marketplace.  Users have to authorize again to make use of Zoom services within Jifflenow.

Remove Zoom UP-filmage.gif


Testing Instructions

As a User, you can Create and Update the Jifflenow Meetings. To know more on how to process, refer to Meeting Management articles.


Authorization Flow via User Profile


  • Create an Integration with the adapter name Zoom App or Zoom Marketplace. Jifflenow CSM will take care.


  • When this Integration is enabled, Under the User Profile (both Company and Event) of each Internal User have a placeholder for Zoom called Connect with Zoom.

  • Clicking on Connect to Zoom should open a child window to authorize.

  • Clicking on authorize, the User provides the consent to app permissions.

  • On successful authentication, the child window will get closed, and instead of showing Connect to Zoom, the UI will show Disconnect Zoom.

Authorization Flow via Meeting Request Page

  • Jifflenow's customer will log in to the platform to schedule a Meeting.

  • The Connect to Zoom option should be visible when selecting Zoom from the Add Conference drop-down. Clicking on Connect to Zoom should open a child window to authorize.

  • Clicking on authorize, the User provides the consent to app permissions. It asks the user to authorize His/Her Zoom account via OAuth.

  • On successful authentication, Jifflenow creates the Zoom Meeting with all the details.

  • If the User had Uninstalled the app from the Zoom Marketplace, then authorization is again required.


Q. Is a certain license type required? 

A. No, Jifflenow also works with the Zoom Basic version.


Q. Can Zoom meetings be created on behalf of someone else? 

A. No. Since the user has to authorize by his/her own credentials.


Q. Once authorized, do I need to authorize again?

A. No, As long as the user uninstalls the app.


Q. Is creating a Zoom meeting through this integration available in the Jifflenow Mobile App? 

A. Yes.


Q. When I click on Connect to Zoom, Jifflenow automatically authorizes me without providing consent.

A. Please delete your browser cookies or your Zoom session. This might be because your Zoom session is active in your browser


Q. Can I include a password to enter the meeting? 

A. Zoom meetings are automatically given a password.


Q. Can we designate the host or add an alternate host for Zoom meetings? 

A. Yes. The person selected as the meeting requester in Jifflenow is designated as the host for the Zoom meeting. The requestor can assign any internal participant as an Alternate host


Contact Support

Our Global support team is available for any assistance 24/7. We provide Email and In-Product assistance and telephonic support during emergencies.

On contacting support via any of the above channels, our support specialists will be happy to help you with any queries, issue resolution, or how-to information that you might have. To help you assist at the earliest, please help us by providing information like screenshots, your URL, and any error messages.



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