Product Updates in Q4 2023

November 2023

Feature and UX Enhancement

Calendar Feature Gets an Upgrade

Feature: The Calendar feature in Jifflenow products displays a detailed view of the date and time of scheduled meetings for internal participants or locations for an event or campaign instance. It simplifies meeting planning, scheduling, and resource management for Meeting Managers (MM).

What's New: The Calendar in Jifflenow products provides a rich user experience with more viewing options and details of all the engagements for an event or campaign instance. This makes it easier for Meeting Managers to plan, schedule, and manage resources more efficiently by accessing and managing multiple records, screen space utilization, and intuitive scrolling.


Enhanced Calendar Includes

  1. Easy navigation between Users or Locations calendars from improved icons
  2. The Date Navigator with the arrow buttons enables easy date selection to view the schedule.
  3. Switch between Default or Compact views. The Default view shows more details for each meeting. Users can scroll up and down to view the rest of the day’s schedule. Alternatively, the Compact view shows more hours of the day and the meetings on a single screen. Users can hover or click on a time slot to view more meeting details.
  4. View more Meeting Information such as Meeting With, Meeting ID, and Meeting Room details.
  5. The Columns option lets users view the day schedule of up to 12 users or locations on a single screen.
  6. A Green check mark within a time slot indicates a checked-in meeting.
  7. The Legends assist users in understanding the various elements displayed in the calendar.

Jifflenow Mobile App

Badge Scan Check-in for Sessions on Mobile App

Feature: The Badge Scan functionality in eEvent and eCampaign products automates the check-in process of pre-registered attendees into meetings and sessions.

What’s New: The MMs can now easily check-in attendees to sessions using the Jifflenow Mobile App, similar to the functionality in the Jifflenow web-based app. They can access the list of sessions on the Badge Scan page. Thus making it easier to check-in both pre-registered attendees to sessions and meetings.

October 2023

Feature Enhancement

Enable JMM to Request Meetings for Specified Meeting Types

Feature: Jifflenow eEvent and eCampaign products support several roles and privileges. Meeting Managers (MMs) have full privileges, while a Junior Meeting Manager (JMM) has limited privileges to manage specific tasks.

What's New: Prior to this update, a JMM (Jr. Meeting Manager) could only request meetings and participate in meetings for specific meeting types that they are assigned to manage. Now, the MM can additionally enable the JMM to request meetings or participate in meetings for specific meeting types that they do not manage. 

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 10.08.53 AM.png

Feature Enhancement

Track User Activity in Jifflenow Inbound Request Page URLs

Feature: Jifflenow Inbound Request Page (IRP) makes it easy for marketers to enable external prospects and customers to schedule meetings with internal participants as part of events or marketing campaigns. The Marketers use the IRP to book inbound meeting requests by publishing the URLs on various digital platforms, such as websites, social media posts, and email signatures. The IRP can be deployed as a webpage or embedded as an iFrame in any landing page.

What’s New: The marketers can now add the analytics tracking script or link their preferred analytics platform to the instance IRP in Jifflenow eEvent or eCampaign products. It helps them track the user activity on the IRP within their analytics platform.


Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 11.17.49 AM.png


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