Product Updates in Q3 2023

September 2023

Feature Enhancement

Badge Scan Check-in for Sessions

Feature: The Badge Scan functionality in eEvent and eCampaign products automates the check-in process of pre-registered attendees into meetings.

What’s New: The MMs can use badge scans to check-in attendees into sessions. They can access the list of sessions on the Badge Scan page. Thus making it easier to check in both pre-registered attendees to sessions and meetings. 


Feature and UX Enhancement

Notify Meeting Participants When Adding or Removing Attendees

Feature: A Jifflenow user can update meetings while they are in an approved or pending state. The system groups the updates into three categories to process them differently. It ensures meeting participants don’t receive ICS notifications every time any update is made. Due to this, the existing attendees do not receive the update when a participant is added or removed. 

What’s New: When adding or removing a participant from a scheduled meeting, the MMs and Junior MMs will see a popup with the option to notify all the existing meeting participants. To trigger this notification, the MMs and Junior MMs must select  ”Yes” in the send notifications popup. For other user roles, the system will always send a notification.

                   When Attendees are Added or Removed


UX Enhancement

Easily Search Events to Add Users 

Feature: The user management feature (accessible from the left navigation menu on the homepage) at the company level allows the MMs to add user(s) to event(s). In the case of many events or campaign instances, the MM has to scroll to find the right event. 

What’s New: To add a single or multiple users to one or more events or campaign instance/s, MMs can now use a search capability to find and select the intended event or campaign instance/s. It eliminates the need to scroll through a long list, making the process faster and more efficient.



Feature Enhancement

Manually Update Engagement Availability

Feature: Events and campaigns use many engagement types to maximize attendee engagements. When instance dates are set, all engagement types are, by default, made available from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. 

What’s New: When updating dates for an Instance, depending on the Jifflenow product used, the system shows a message prompt for the user to take the desired action to “Update Availability” times for the engagement types.

  • For eEvent software - The system will not extend the availability of any engagement. It informs the user to manually add the availability of the desired engagement type/s.
  • For eCampaign software - Since campaign instances are perpetual, the message informs users that the availability of all engagement types has been extended for the same duration, and the user can manually update them if needed.

eEvent (Popup)

eCampaign (Popup)



Jifflenow App supports iOS 17 and Android 14

Smartphones dominate online life, and events are no exception. Recently, Apple and Google announced updates to their iOS 17 and Android 14 operating systems. In light of that, the Jifflenow Mobile app, which is used by meeting managers, sales reps, and event staff for various functionalities like check-ins, surveys, meeting notes, tracking meeting calendars, etc., has updated its support to these latest operating system releases.


August 2023

Feature Enhancement

Continue Where the User Left off After Idle Session Timeout

Feature: The Jifflenow platform logs out users when the system remains inactive for 60 minutes. It is to prevent unauthorized access, session hijacking, and resource consumption. To continue using the platform, users are redirected to the login page for re-authentication. But this also results in the loss of data entered before the timeout.

What’s new: Experience uninterrupted workflow after an idle session timeout. A timeout pop-up is presented instead of redirecting the user to the original login page. The user can re-authenticate and continue from where they left off without the need to re-enter the data. The timeout popup will be shown on all tabs and auto-dismissed if re-logged in another tab.

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 1.32.26 AM.png


Feature Enhancement

Copy Notifications of Engagement Type(s)

Feature: Jifflenow products enable MMs to manage various settings at the company or at an instance level. However, managing users’ access to an event and campaign instance was limited to the company level.

What’s New: MMs now have the flexibility to “Remove a user” from the instance level, in addition to the company level. However, a user cannot be removed if they are a part of any meetings, mapped to a topic or a session.



UI and UX Enhancement

Manage User’s Access at Instance and Company Level

Feature: Jifflenow products enable MMs to manage various settings at the company or at an instance level. However, managing users’ access to an event and campaign instance was limited to the company level.

What’s New: MMs now have the flexibility to “Remove a user” from the instance level in addition to the company level. However, a user cannot be removed if they are a part of any meetings, mapped to a topic or a session.


UI and UX Enhancement

Read-Only Mode During Instance Go-Live Process 

Feature: When an MM creates a new event or campaign instance,  it is first created in sandbox mode, enabling them to configure and test the flows. When they switch the instance to production mode, the Jifflenow platform takes a few minutes to move all the settings from sandbox to production, during which the instance is limited to read-only mode. Since there is no indication that the system is in the process of creating the production instance, the user feels the system is unresponsive.

What’s New: When an MM creates a new instance and changes it from sandbox to production, the platform switches it to read-only mode until the go-live process is completed. To help MMs and Internal users know that the instance is limited to a read-only mode, we have made the following updates:

  1. When a MM clicks on the Go-Live button for an Instance, the popup will include a message stating “Go-Live is in progress. The instance is in read-only mode. An email will be sent on completion.”                                                                        
  2. When any user views the instance on the homepage, a notification bar indicating “Go-Live in progress” and the bell icon will be displayed at the bottom of the instance tile on the eEvent and eCampaign home page. The users can click “Notify Me” to receive the email when the instance is ready for use.                                                                                             


UI Enhancement

Badge Scan Configuration Migrated to New UI

Feature: Meeting Managers use badge scanners to check in attendees to a meeting during an event. To do so, they need to add scanners in the Jifflenow products. The configuration to add a badge-scanning device was listed in the Instance > Settings >New Settings menu, which is the old UI.

What’s new: To make the experience easier for the MM, we have migrated the Badge Scan to the new UI menu under “Miscellaneous” in the “Settings” menu at the Instance level. This enhanced UI enables MM to add new scanners (including bulk upload) quickly, view the added scanners, turn auto check-in for them on or off, and define the duration for auto check-in to meetings.


Feature Enhancement

Ability to Hide an Inactive Topic from Users

Feature: MMs create Topics for scheduling meetings or sessions. These topics can be made active or inactive based on need before an existing marketing program ends. However, when MMs make a topic inactive, it still appears to users when scheduling meetings, even though they need to be selectable, making it less user-friendly. This is more common in the eCampaign product, which enables perpetual instances for a long time.

What’s New: We have introduced the ability to hide a topic entirely in a new meeting or session creation flow of an instance. It is especially useful for eCampaign product MMs. When enabled, the user booking a meeting or session via the outbound or inbound meeting request process will not be able to view inactive topics. 

July 2023

Quick Copy Settings for Engagement Type

Feature: The quick copy settings feature enables Meeting Manager(MM) to configure multiple engagement types quickly and efficiently. When an MM configures an engagement type, it allows MMs to copy the settings from one engagement type to another easily. 

What’s New: We have now made it flexible for the MM to copy the Location Types Settings, Location Types Availability, or both.


We have also added a search bar to select an engagement type quickly. Just type in the engagement type name, and select the check box of the engagement type to copy the settings. 


Instance Details User Experience

Feature: MMs can create a new instance for each event or campaign. To do so, they need to add instance details before going live. 

What’s New: To make the user experience easier for the MM, we have reorganized all the relevant Instance Details in the Settings menu in the left navigation menu. This enhanced UI enables MM to quickly review or update the Instance Info and use the Instance Access to assign user roles like Meeting Manager, Executive Admin, Requestor, Attendee, Junior MM, and Partner.



Navigation Menu On Meeting List Page

Feature: The Meetings List Page in Jifflenow products eEvent and eCampaign includes all the engagement types under three kinds of engagements -  Meetings, Sessions, and Inbound Requests. 

What’s New: To make finding and selecting from these three kinds of engagements easier, the three options are now displayed as selectable tabs instead of hidden in a drop-down menu. 

Self-Configure and Edit Notifications

Feature: Notifications in eEvent and eCampaign software are system-generated messages informing all users of meeting updates, session scheduling, and changes.

What’s New: MMs can now self-configure notification templates for - Users, Reminders, and Surveys settings while configuring engagement types for an event or campaign instance. These features will be listed in the new, improved UI menu structure, as shown below.

  • Users (previously called “People”)
    • List of users
    • Notifications (Welcome Email & Block Calendar)
  • Reminder
    • Setup to turn reminders on and off
    • Reminder Notifications 
  • Surveys will have
    • List of all the surveys 
    • Survey Notifications

Jifflenow Salesforce App

The Jifflenow Salesforce App enables users to schedule meetings from within the Salesforce CRM software. This app has been upgraded with all the new features and user experience updates that are available in the web app of eEvent and eCampaign products.

Note: All Salesforce package upgrades must be coordinated between the customer’s Salesforce Admin and the Jifflenow Support team. 


1. New Company Home page: Leverage tabs to view and easily navigate between the subscribed products - eEvent and eCampaign. The event or campaign instance can be viewed in a tile or list view. The new UI also includes Search, Filters, and Sorting options. Each instance tile or list item provides all the useful information for users, such as Banners, Status Labels, Event Details, and Action Buttons.

2. New Navigation Bar: The new UI has a navigation bar on the left to provide quick access to all features. It allows for sub-navigation and better grouping of menu items consistently across all screens.

3. Navigation Menu on Meeting List Page: Engagements on the meeting list page are now displayed as a selectable tab to enable quick selection. 

4. New User Profile: All users of Jifflenow products can also set their “profiles” and “availability” for meetings. The functionality offers the option for internal staff to set up available hours. It also provides the ability for users to set “exceptions” to exclude specific days of the week or hours from their weekly availability for meetings. 

Note: For events, the default settings for the internal participants’ available hours will be set to match the event hours set by meeting managers. However, to reflect accurate availability, users can modify their availability directly from the Jifflenow Salesforce App.

5. Search Session Registrations in Group Nominations: Sales teams can nominate a group of targeted contacts to sessions to increase customer engagement at events. To find an attendee by name who is part of a group nomination, a “Search Attendee” box is added.

6. Multi-Level Topics Feature: The Jifflenow Salesforce App now supports the Multi-Level Topics feature. This feature enables Meeting Managers to set up a hierarchical structure of products or services for users to select when requesting a meeting. The software’s enhanced topic mapping functionality will automatically route the meeting request to the right experts based on selected information.



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